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Like all championship winning sports teams, City Sports Tours understands the importance of a positive team culture. With a positive team culture this improves employee morale and subsequently leads to high performing productivity in the workplace.

Available for groups of up to 15 people, our City Sports Corporate Tours are a fantastic rewarding, team building and morale boosting exercise.

Each of our corporate tours include 
Melbourne's sporting history, famous sporting events, stadiums/venues (tours optional), sports media insights, legendary sporting tales, sporting quizzes, sporting challenges and SO MUCH MORE!

Wearing the guernsey of your favourite sporting team for extra competetiveness and cameraderie is highly recommended!

And the best part is - the more people you book then the more money you save!



1-5 people - $39 per person
6-10 people - $37 per person
11-15 people - $35 per person

Keen to add even more value to your team? Then check out the options below!

Tour of the MCG - $25 extra per person
Visit the National Sports Museum -
$25 extra per person
Tour of the MCG AND the National Sports Museum - $40 extra per person
Tour of Etihad Stadium - $25 extra per person
Play tennis on the Australian Open Show Courts (1 hour) - $45 per person
Sporting lunch at a top sports bar -
$30 extra per person
Meet & Greet with a well known athlete at your office (1 hour) - $1000 per group.

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