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’Sport to Melbourne is what movies are to Hollywood’

Established in 2018, City Sports Tours was developed to give the world a unique, never-before-seen insight into Melbourne's famous sporting culture.

So how did we get here and what makes us different?

The City Sports Tours team is made up of sporting professionals all of whom have experience working in the inner sanctum of Melbourne's sporting industry. Amongst our team we have individuals who have held leadership roles with the AFL and the Formula One Grand Prix, serviced high profile athletes as sports agents, managed the legends of the Australian Open and we even have a former professional cheerleader in our ranks!

Backed by a tourism team who every day are raising Melbourne's profile as a must visit destination, this unique blend has allowed us to produce a tour suitable for any sports fan.

So join us, and discover why Melbourne truly is the sports capital of Australia and the world.

Enjoy the best things to see in Melbourne with a plan including City Sports Tours



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